Thread Grinding

Thread grinding is one of the most precise and consistent ways of forming a thread.  Thread grinding has advantages in the accuracy, finish and lead of the thread as well as maintaining the tolerances in harder materials.  Our thread grinding capabilities cover a wide range of sizes, pitches and thread forms. Sizes range from .08 to 12" diameter and lengths up to 48".  Thread forms available are 60°, 55°, ACME, Buttress in addition to special threads available upon request. 

  • 6 EXCELLO MODEL 33 - 6” Max dia., 8” max thd length, 18” between centers 
  • 3 EXCELLO MODEL 35 - 12” Max dia., 22” max thd length, 33” between centers 
  • 1 EXCELLO MODEL 35L - 12” Max dia., 36” max thd length, 48” between centers 

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